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Vie scolaire

Vie Scolaire

The Vie scolaire department is managed by the CPE (Conseiller Principal d’Éducation) and his team of hall monitors. Its missions are:

  • Security and respect of collective rules outside the classrooms;

  • management and follow-up of absences, and the resulting dialog with families;

  • students follow-up in connection with teachers;

  • personal assistance with individual situations;

  • consideration of collective situations;

  • management of conflicts;

  • education to citizenship.

The Conseiller Principal d’Éducation (CPE) exercices responsibilities within this framework. Which are they?

  • The CPE is responsible for the management of students’ absences and tardiness;

  • he organises the departments of hall monitors and AED (Assistants d’Éducation Diplômés);

  • he is consulted for every safety issue;

  • he ensures students follow-up in connection with teachers: together they work to identify any problem and its solutions;

  • he maintains relations and direct contacts with the students;

  • he organises students concertation and participation;

  • he facilitates the creation of clubs…

Vie Scolaire Department



  • Malpighi: (0039) 06 441 604 401 / 402

  • Patrizi: (0039) 06 441 604 307 / 318


  • Malpighi: (0039) 06441604403

  • Patrizi: (0039) 06441604325


Conseiller Principal d’Éducation (CPE): Zaher Ounis

Hall monitors:

  • Egidia Faccioni

  • Sandra Spagnoli

  • Isabella Vitale

  • Julien Deville

  • Romain Donato  

  • Stephan Lupo

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