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The role of the school nurse

The school nurse's role, under the authority of the headmaster, is to promote and implement health policies in favour of all the students.

  1. The nurse is charged with receiving and listening to students in case of incidents pertaining to their health or schooling;

  2. She organises cures, emergencies, administers prescribed medications and insures a follow-up of the students' health;

  3. She organises the compulsory visits with the school doctor;

  4. She promotes dynamics for health education and safety with all school partners;

  5. She contributes to the integration of disabled students and students with chronicle diseases;    

  6. Having questioned the student regarding allergies, the nurse may administer a medication authorized by the official journal;

  7. She reminds parents of compulsory and non-compulsory vaccinations.

She also organises interventions on the following themes:

  • eating disorders

  • school violence

Strohl-Fern infirmary


The infirmary is located in the Moresco building.

Mrs. Fiammetta Piersigilli and Mrs. Anne Falcou are the doctors.

Mrs. Ségolène Cavalo is the school nurse in Strohl-Fern.

Mrs. Tiphaine Dujardin is the school nurse in Patrizi and Malpighi.

Opening hours

The infirmary is open according to the following schedule:

  • Monday 8.25 to 15.30

  • Tuesday 8.25 to 15.30

  • Wednesday 8.25 to 15.00

  • Thursday 8.25 to 15.30

  • Friday 8.25 to 15.30


The e-mail of the infirmary is

Tel. 06 441604503