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Computer tools

The computer equipment available at the Lycée Chateaubriand constitute a digital workspace “Espace numérique de travail” (ENT), offering our students advanced digital technologies that will enhance their knowledge and cultural awareness.

Google for a better communication

Mail service with Gmail

From the third grade of Elementary School, each student gets a personal email address formulated as follows :, to use freely for academic correspondence with teachers and schoolfellows.

Our Lycée uses the Google and gmail services so that each student will be able to use his mail from any computer connected to the internet by visiting and then log on his user name

File Sharing with Google Drive

Together with gmail, our students get storage space on Google drive, so they can reach their school files from any computer and share them easily.

School Life management : Pronote

Available at, the Pronote software allows real time publishing or referring to school grades, school reports, time table modifications, absences, lateness, punishments, school files, homework, school menus, holidays, school programs etc…..

Special entries for Teachers, School Life, Parents and Pupils allow each member of our school community to connect with one’s own user name and look for personal information.

Computer equipment

The Lycée Chateaubriand computer equipment is mostly devised to provide easy use for both teachers and students : each classroom is equipped with a computer and a video projector, a necessary teaching equipment for most classes, while computers are available for students’ use in some laboratories, in the Information and Systems Technologies lab, (laboratoire de Technologies de l'Information et de Systèmes (TIS) )» , computer rooms at Strohl Fern and Malpighi, and of course the Library (CDI).

Junior High