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Writing Contest

Epistolary Story Competition

Every year, our students are invited to write a short story following a particular "genre" or dealing with a particular theme. Last year, "fear" - the chosen theme - resulted in all sorts of thrilling horror stories. 

This year, after reading Address Unknown, Kathrine Kressmann Taylor's awe-inspiring novella, the contestants had to write an epistolary story using letter-writing, messaging or even texting! Here again, they proved extremely creative and the jury found it quite hard to determine which were the best. The shortlisted contestants had surprisingly something in common: their characters were all immersed in surroundings recalling jailhouses. Fortunately, the "compulsory" item they had to include - this year a "guinea-pig" - enabled them to give a humourous tone to their stories.

Here are the results: 

1st Prize: Erica Galanti (1ES2)

2nd Prize: Mila Apostolova (1L)

3rd Prize: Luc Barbier (1ES1)

Special Prize (use of the guinea-pig): Ali Serraj (1S2)

Congratulations to the winners whose stories you can download on this page.