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Multilingual Symposium

Symposium on Cities : 3rd edition


A symposium on the "Cities of the Future" is organized by the English Department every year. Each delegation (4 pupils) makes a general assessment on the city they have chosen (food, transportation, environment...) in a foreign language and gives their description of an ideal city. Each conference may be followed by a summary in French and two or three questions by the audience. 

Target: Year 12 pupils mainly (= première)

Place: Centre St Louis des Français, Rome

Date: Late December/early January

Languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic (French, as mediation)

The 3rd edition of the Multilingual Symposium on Cities was held in the French Insitute (Centre St Louis des Français) on December 16th 2015. 

NEW : This year, conferences were based on research but also on pupils' imagination. 

Here is an extract from the symposium (duration: 3´22) :