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The main objective of the Parent Associations ,is to defend the moral and material interests in common amongst members. The associations do not only include parents but also students’ legal guardians. The Associations represent parents at School Councils, School board meetings,class meetings and commissions where parents are concerned.

There are two Parent Associations present at the Lycée Chateaubriand:

APE : Parents of Lycée Chateaubriand Students Association

So that our children’s education is not reduced to a mere “service consumption”, so that the Lycée fulfills its mission by adequately satisfying the needs of families; parental involvement and contribution to the life of the institution is essential.

The APE is open to all parents of students at the Lycée Chateaubriand;it is an independent Association and has been active for the last 50 years.

The APE organizes essential services for families and the correct functioning of the School. For example, the management of school transportation, orders of school supplies,organization of Second hand Book sales, the Trade Forum, the lobby against overweight school bags etc.

The elected APE members represent parents on the School Councils, Boards and related School Commissions.

The APE board, consists of 14 dedicated volunteers, elected by APE members for a 3 year term. They aim to improve students’ lives, enhance those values that constitute the French school in Rome and maintain a constructive dialogue with the school management, teachers and all school partners.

The APE is also a part of the Lycée’s School Solidarity Commission and Consular Grants Council.

Membership in the FAPEE (Federation of Parents’Associations of French Education Institutions Abroad) allows the APE to be represented on the board of the AEFE (Agency for Teaching French Abroad),and on the National Scholarship Committee.


  • Email address:

  • Website:

  • Facebook Page: APEChato

  • Opening Hours: Wed 8.30am -10.30am “Archetto” (APE office)

  • APE Letter boxes – Strohl-Fern (“petite and grande portes”) and c/o Headmaster’s Secretary.

  • Mailing Address: APE – Via di Villa Patrizi, 9 - 00161 Rome

UPEL Chateaubriand : Union of Lycée Chateaubriand Parents

UPEL Chateaubriand is a young, vibrant, purposeful and inclusive association of parents of pupils of the French School Chateaubriand in Rome - which was founded in July 2014 with the ultimate aim of fostering a new democratic and constructive dialogue with the management of the school and to represent all parents in taking advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by the School.

It is a foregone conclusion that the participation of parents in their children’s school life is indeed fundamental, not only to understand the school’s processes, but also to successfully accompany their children in this noble educational pursuit.

UPEL Chateaubriand has actively been engaged since inception with the whole school community and its Partners, listening to the voices and proposals of the parents from all nations to help promote viable initiatives for the progress of our children as well as create a cohesive and formidable organization that we can all proudly belong.

In a nutshell, our association has a clearly stated mission to accompany the students not only through the often tortuous path to academic success but also help them become learned and responsible adults equipped for the twenty first century. 

Playing true to its motto, "UPEL was born for you and with you", our elected representatives participate officially in all facets of the school: in the councils and commissions (school board, class council, elementary school council, solidarity fund, school meals council, hygiene and safety board, etc.) to best represent the voice of parents, presenting their projects, their ideas and their needs.

Parents regularly receive updates and are informed of everything that transpires in the school. Parents also receive the reports of meetings and any changes to the regulatory framework of reference since we have made transparency one of our bulwarks.

NEW 2017-2018 : As of this school year, our Association is pleased to propose to its members a complementary school insurance coverage through the company CGEA for all children enrolled at the Lycée Chateaubriand from nursery to terminal and irrespective of their nationality at very interesting rates.

For more information and subscription form (premiums range from  €16 to €29.60), visit the Actions/Assurance-Scolaire page on our website.

To be of further assistance to parents in Rome, UPEL Chateaubriand has obtained several collaborative agreements with varied entities that allow UPEL members to enjoy the benefits of discounts at a number of facilities such as libraries, language schools, summer camps, sports centers, travel agencies, etc.). The complete list can be found on our website page Conventions & Annonces.


UPEL Chateaubriand

Via di Villa Ruffo, 31

00196 Rome




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