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Here below, please find a list of associations which are part of the Lycée Chateaubriand. These groups are also concerned with students’ personal and intellectual development.

AAELCH : Association des Anciens élèves du Lycée Chateaubriand. (Old Scholars Association)

Founded in 1990, the Old Scholars Association maintains contact between more than 3,000 old scholars of more than 60 nationalities, residing all over the world.

Half of the Old Scholars are Italian, a quarter French and the rest are of other nationalities.

The “doyenne”is a BAC 1926 class, the first “female” Lycée BAC group. Old scholars today range between 18 and 102 yrs of age and they meet at least once a year.

The newsletter “Le Colycée”, allows for an exchange of information amongst friends, and a valid means of keeping in contact over the years; getting back in touch with lost friends.

There is also an Internet Site.

Following the track of D’Artagnan and his three musketeers, and with the help of the Committee, the Old Scholars organize 5,10,20,or even 50 year reunions. In these “X years after the Bac” reunions, old school friends from distant countries can reunite.

The AAELCh, has a data base where members regularly update personal information;addresses,studies and professions.

The Photo Archives collect old class and school photos.

In various cities,there is also a small network of Foreign Representatives (RALE), who welcome friends and offer advice , to old scholars who have moved cities for work or study reasons.

Each year the AAELCH takes part in numerous initiatives in the School’s University and Professional Orientation Programme. The Association supports these initiatives and as forseen by the School Statutes, encourages the development of French culture in a European,transnational direction.

Lycée Chateaubriand Old Scholars are proud to pass on their valuable life lesson learnt at School; different nationalities,religions,languages and cultures are capable of happily living together in the same environment.

School Sports Association – AS

The AS is coordinated by the school’s PE teachers.

Students enrolled in AS can practice a wide variety of sports, every Wednesday from 2.30 pm to 4.30pm.

Amongst the activities, this year the following sports are offered:

  • football

  • badminton

  • gymnastics

  • volleyball

  • table tennis

  • tennis

In addition, during lunch breaks, several tournaments are held throughout the year for every pupil in 6ème, 5ème and 4ème.

These are open to 5ème and 6ème students at an annual cost of 35€.

Lycée Chateaubriand Catholic Church Chaplaincy At Saint Louis Des Francais Parish

The School’s Catholic partner “Aumonerie Catholique Saint Louis des Francais” fully participates in the Public School’s Project.It supports a Programme to freely and responsibly Educate and Shape young men and women.

In a personalized program, various activities are proposed.

  • Weekly courses for CP to 5ème held at Strohl-Fern (Tues,Wed,Thurs)

  • For CM2 Biblical story telling

  • For 4ème and 3ème, monthly meetings at St Louis de France Parish

  • Monthly meetings and weekend seminars for secondary students.

  • Preparation for Holy Sacraments: Baptism,Holy Communion,Confirmation.


Coordinator: Florence Boyrie Journau
Primary coordinator: Maelys de Tinguy

Address: Via Santa Giovanna d’Arco 5, Rome 00186

Contacts: 06.68 82 71 - 348.3064894 (french) 347.9267104 (italian)



This association is concerned with welcoming all French or French speaking expatriates to Rome. The group provides support and organizes a rich social calendar to welcome new members.


APEC: Association for Students of Chateaubriand

This association proposes a wide range of after school activities for preschool to middle school students from Monday to Friday.

The activities are held at Strohl-Fern.

The APEC office is situated on the first floor of the “Archetto” at Strohl-Fern.


  1. 06.441 604 526
  2. Internet website
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