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A message from the Headmaster

Chateaubriand is a unique institution, striving for excellence.

Created in 1903, at the instigation of the French Ambassy to the Holy See, by Charles Dumaz, then Maître de Chapelle, it was since the very beginning under the auspices of a great writer and politician, in love with Rome and Italy: Chateaubriand.

Since the beginning of the XXth century, thousands of alumni celebrate their attachment to this unique place, Strohl Fern, exceptional on three different aspects: archeological, natural and cultural. They always gladly demonstrate their gratitude toward education.

Our school perpetuates more than ever this tradition of romanticism, humanism and intellectual exigency.

Everyone in the educational staff daily preserve with awareness, passion and happiness this privileged place where we constantly stimulate out students' spirit.

Their excellent command of the various languages studied in our school is undeniable (italian, french, english, german, spanish, mandarin, arabic...).

History of arts, languages and cultures of Antiquity (both greek and latin), literature, economics are highly developed, even beyong official curricula.

Last but not least, our school emphasizes an education based on values such as citizenship, generosity and open-mindedness, which means that many of our students participate in charity organisations, with this number growing every year.

This excellency, along with very good academic results, allow our bacheliers to study in some of the most prestigious écoles and universities both in France and abroad.

Through our website you can discover the many aspects of our school, and we will always be happy to welcome you amongst us.