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Mails and phone numbers are classified according to location.

Patrizi / Malpighi: Administration Offices

Lycée Chateaubriand
Via di Villa Patrizi, 9
00161 Rome
Tel: 06 44 160 41
Fax: 06 44 026 54

Open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 19:30 p.m., closed during school vacations.

Headmaster’s secretary:

Deputy Headmaster’s secretary:

Administration and finance director:

Bursar’s office – Local contracts:

Bursar’s office (school trips):

Cashing and bill Payments:

Exams and training courses:

Mutualization and continuing training:

CPE (Senior Advisor) Patrizi/Malpighi:

School Life Patrizi:

School Life Malpighi:

Resource Library Patrizi:


Strohl Fern

Lycée Chateaubriand
Via di Villa Ruffo, 31
00196 Rome
Tel: 06 441 604 510

Open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 19:00 p.m., closed during school vacation.


Primary School Secretary :
Fax: 06 321 15 75   

Bursar’s Assistant for Strohl Fern:

Bursar’s office (school catering):

Senior Advisor (CPE) Strolh-Fern:

School Life Strolh-Fern:
Fax: 06 321 28 53

Resource Library Strolh-Fern:


Subject coordinating teachers

  • German: Donatella Gratton

  • English: Michel Bedouin

  • Arab: Irène Grita

  • Art: Colette Veaute

  • Librarian, Patrizi: Agnès Leone

  • Librarian, Strohl Fern: Marie-Claude Bourgoin

  • Sports: Olivier Spiesser

  • Spanish: Maïté Detaeye

  • Arts History: Daniele Sedola

  • History and Geography: Carlo De Carli

  • Italian: Giulia Di Cagno

  • Italian ESABAC: Vera Beati

  • French: Marie Cerati

  • Mandarin: Annie Huang

  • Maths: Antoine Moyano

  • Music: Donatella Valeri

  • Philosophy: Evelyne Oléon

  • Science (Biology): Gildas Bollinger

  • Economics: Pierre Zocco

  • Physics: Lorenzo Nasi

Vocational Guidance Career advisers « Personnes Ressource Information et Orientation » (PRIO)

  • Lorenzo Nasi

  • Martine Tomasini

Where to find us

Lycée Chateaubriand has three locations in Rome


The Patrizi location  hosts 6th and 7th grade students (classes de première et terminales). There you can also find the administration offices: Headmaster’s office, bursar’s office, school life office, exams and training courses offices, Mutualization and continuing training offices as well as the Lycée Resource Library –( C.C.C: Centre de Connaissances et de Culture)


The Malpighi Location  hosts 4th and 5th grade students (classes de troisième et de seconde) it is 100m away from Patrizi).


The  Strohl-Fern location hosts:

  • All Primary school classes (from kindergarten to CM2) and the first  three levels of Secondary school(Collège: classes de sixième, cinquième et quatrième);    

  • All Sports, Arts and Music classes (all levels)

  • Middle school Biology , Science (SVT) and Physics-Chemistry Practical work classes (TP)

  • Elementary school Headmistress’ office and Middle School Senior Advisor (CPE) office

How to go from one Location to the other

To reach Strohl-Fern from Patrizi, go to Piazza della Croce Rossa (or Piazza Fiume) take a  bus either  490, 491 or 495. Get off at Viale Washington, after a 300 meters walk you will reach Strohl-Fern.

You can also take the underground (metro):

  • From Patrizi/Malpighi:

    • Take the metro at Castro Pretorio or Policlinico, direction Laurentina;

    • Change at Termini and take metro A direction Battistini;

    • Get off at Flaminio.

  • From Strohl Fern:

    • Take the metro at Flaminio, direction Anagnina;

    • Change at Termini and take metro B direction Rebibbia or Jonio;

    • Get off at the Castro Pretorio station or at Policlinico.

Lycée Chateaubriand