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Conseil d'établissement (School Board)

It represents the entire establishment (both the sites of Rome and Naples), and takes notes about educational issues treated in First Degree Council and Second Degree Council. It is competent for every matter regarding teaching methods and school life, Vie Scolaire contract, school calendar, and gives its opinion on the budget.

Its reports are published on the school website for a period of six months.

Every incumbent can only be substituted by a member elected at the establishment council.

Members: 21 + guests

Conseil d'école (First Degree Council)

Rome and Naples’s First Degree Councils give their opinions on school functioning and every aspect of school life.

Conseil du second degré (Second Degree Council)

This council gives its opinion about the functioning of second degree school and on every aspect of second degree school life.

Conseil pédagogique (Educational Council)

An advisory body that rules educational issues and proposes solutions to the Board and Second Degree Councils.

Conseil de discipline (Disciplinary Committee)

Gathered at the Principal’s request for non-compliance with the Vie Scolaire contract or major incident inside school.

Conseil de la vie collégienne

Composed of educational staff, parents and college students, this council aims to empower pupils regarding the functioning of their school and create a feeling of membership by considering them as legitimate actors and interlocutors.

This council is a tool allowing for a better learning of citizenship (more specifically competences 6 and 7 from the socle commun des compétences).

Conseil de la vie lycéenne

Lycée’s counterpart of the Conseil de la Vie Collégienne, its goal is to impulse a dynamic of concertation and dialog between adults and students about work and life at school.

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