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Members of committees and commissions are not necessarily designated among Conseil d’Établissement members.

Commission d'aide sociale (Social Help Commission)

Composed of administration members, parents and teachers, this commission aims to treat requests from non-french parents who meet with temporary difficult financial situations.

Commission éducative (Educational Commission)

The role of the Educational Commission is to examine the situation of pupils whose behaviour is not acceptable regarding school rules. Its aim is not to punish but to bring a personalized educative answer and to ensure follow-up. The pupil’s representant can choose whether or not he wants to speak to the commission.

The commission works in order to prevent and fight against school bullying and discrimination.

Commission restauration scolaire (School Catering Commission)

Members of this commission exchange and propose every element related to school catering: implementation, meals elaboration, quality, payments, animations and innovations etc.

School Boards