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Please read carefully before proceeding with the enrolment application.


  • Please consider that an application does not imply automatic enrolment.

  • Incomplete application forms are not taken into consideration

  • The School does not accept students whose parents do not reside in Italy during the length of the schooling.

  • Enrolment is linked to the School's student capacity: enrolment of a child in a class does not automatically imply the enrolment of siblings in other classes.

  • Enrolment from Primary to Secondary School can be confirmed only after the third term report certifying the current school year has been successfully passed. Together with the assessment of the educational level, enrolment cannot be accepted unless the fee for initial enrolment has been finalised.

  • Until the class of 3ème, every student whose parent (mother and/or father) have italian nationality must follow lessons of "Langue et culture nationales" (LCN), according to the rules of 1949 franco-italian agreement. From the class of Seconde, every student whose parent (mother and/or father) have italian nationality must follow lessons of LCN and ESABAC.

  • For Lycée enrolments: various groups (specialty and/or optional learnings) will be formed under the condition of a large enough number of students;

  • When you ask for your pre-enrolment to the Lycée Chateaubriand, you declare to have read and agreed to the "Réglement Intérieur Administratif et Financier" (financial regulations), "Règlement intérieur", "Charte informatique" and "Réglement de la restauration scolaire" (school canteen regulation), whose links you can find in this webpage.

  • Students will be cancelled from class lists if they are not present at school within 48 hours from the the first day of the school year.

A/ Terms and conditions for admission

Enrolment in PRESCHOOL (Maternelle): admission is solely possible for those infants aged 3 or over as at 31st December of the enrolment year. According to the official requirements, "only children whose state of health, physiological and psychological wellbeing [...] is compatible with communal life in a school environment can be admitted to preschool within the school's capacity" B.O.E.N. n. 30-30/6/92.

For students coming from a public French school, or under "contrat d'association", from a French school outside of France authorised by the French Ministry of Education: decisions taken by such schools regarding the pupil's academic progression will be applied by the Lycée Chateaubriand.

For students coming from a private school not under "contrat d'association" or not accredited by the Ministry of Education: students will have to pass a test organised by the Lycée Chateaubriand; a decision regarding enrolment will be taken on the basis of the test results.

B/ Pre-enrolment procedures

Protocol for pre-enrolment of infants at Lycée Chateaubriand

Pre-enrolment applications will be completed exclusively online starting form the month of February for the start of school in September of the same year.

When pre-enrolment is accessible:

  • Complete enrolment form online (one per child)

  • Print the summary page of pre-enrolment form

  • Sign both pages (mother's and father's signature)

  • For classes between Petite Section (first year of Preschool) and Cours Moyen 2ème année (year 5), please send both signed pages by email to the following address :;

  • For classes from 6ème (year 6, beginning of Middle School) to Terminale (last year of Secondary School), please send both signed pages by email to the following address :

C/ List of documents required

For Secondary School students (6ème to Terminale), the documents here below are to be sent in digital PDF format to upon reception of confirmation by the School.

For Primary School (PS to CM2), given the number of requests in relation to available places, the following necessary documents will be requested only after confirmation of acceptance by a specific school commission (in April).

  • Official copy of birth certificate, with full details, or complete photocopy of family record book;

  • photocopy of (secondary school) student's and parents' identity cards;

  • case of parental separation or divorce, copy of the Court's ruling indicating the child's custody and residence;

  • father's and mother's sworn statement (see documents here-below): statements must be filled in on digital form (and not hand-written) and must be subsequently printed and signed by the parents;

  • medical file: photocopy of vaccination card (polio, diphtheria, tetanus, B hepatitis);

  • the child's health record, written by the attending physician;

  • health form to be downloaded, filled in and signed (see documents here-below);

  • certificate of school attendance;

  • school reports of previous year

  • school reports of current year (third term; most importantly, the admission notice)

  • for secondary school, marks obtained in preliminary examinations in case of enrolment in Terminale;

  • for primary school the child's identity photograph.

Pre-enrolment link


This link is for both primary and secondary school (please fill in all fields of the "red arrow" scroll menu).

Click on the following link: PRE-ENROLMENT

Fees and enrolment