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Olympiades nationales

National Mathematics Olympics

In 2015, the Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche and the association Animath have organised the XV edition of Mathematics Olympics. The objective is to promote a new scientific culture by developing a taste for research among students. All 1ère students (year 12/11th grade) can participate.

The objective of the Olympiades is to allow students to face mathematical problems from a different perspective and underline the links between mathematics and other sciences.

Each test lasts 4 hours and is made up of 4 exercises. 2 exercises are established for all Académies in France (Boards of Education). The other 2 exercises are established by each Académie according to the following guidelines:

  • students choose two out of three exercises proposed;

  • two exercises, with one exercise which differs depending on the student's syllabus Exercises are related to the middle school and 2nde (year 11/10th grade) syllabus and the syllabuses that are common to all 1ère students. One exercise all take into consideration another scientific subject.

The prizes and prize giving ceremony

Each Académie corrects its tests and organizes its prizes and prize giving ceremonies. They then send the best tests to the national board with the different prizes established and the exercises they chose in their Académie.

The national examining board then establishes the national prizes. The ministry and partner associations then organise the national prize-giving ceremony.

The winners are granted scholarships to university summer courses or training programmes for other mathematics competitions.

For 2016

  • Until end of February: application through the differents Académie;

  • Wednesday, March 16th: tests

  • May 9th: national examination board meeting

  • June 1st: national prize-giving ceremony

Olympiades Internationales de Géosciences

The Olympiades Internationales de Géosciences were created in 2007 by the ministry for education within the framework of activities organised for the International Year of Planet Earth.

Since 2010, the AEFE have established an international competition thanks to the input of Pierre Jauzein, AEFE Teaching Inspector for Natural Sciences, and the commitment of high school teachers who prepare their students, organise and correct the tests.

This competition is for 1èreS students (year 12/11th grade in the Science syllabus) in all schools in the northern hemisphere, and TS students (year 13/12th grade in the Science syllabus) in schools in the southern hemisphere.

The best candidates within the AEFE schools can participate in the national competition. Since 2010, students from AEFE schools around the world are among the winners.

France has also associated with the International Earth Science Olympiad since 2010 and, each year, students from AEFE schools participate and obtain excellent results.