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Concours général

A symbol of excellence, the Concours Général, originated from the XVIIIth century, lures every year circa 15,000 candidates and comes to its 267th edition. Created in 1744 by the University of Paris to distinguish its best students, it was originally reserved to boys from parisian lycées. Since 1924 girls and french pupils from every region are welcome. Initially limited to french, latin, greek, history, mathematics and physics, it extends nowadays to technological subjects and professional teachings. Open to student of Première and Terminale from public and private french high school in France and abroad, it tests 54 subjects including history, physics, arts, musical education or even Hebrew. Laureates receive their prize in the Grand Amphitheatre de la Sorbonne, the very hall in which the first prizes were attributed in 1744. The official goal of this concourse is to nominate the best students from Première and Terminale (Year 11 and Year 12), selected by their teachers for their excellent school results and test them about the official programme but through longer and more difficult exams. Several lycées are regularly awarded the first prizes: obviously the great parisian lycées, but also lycées from important french cities or foreign capitals. Lycée Chateaubriand is one of them, for an extent of subjects that goes beyond sole languages. Every year about 15 candidates participate.

The Lycée Chateaubriand is frequently part of the list of award-winning institutions, as you can see in the palmares enclosed. Once again last year, our school distinguished with a First Prize and a First Accessit in Italian.

Informations about the Concours Général 2016 are available at this address: