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School calendar

Teachers pre-school start

Tuesday September the 1st 2015

Pupils school start

Wednesday September the 2nd 2015

Christmas holidays

From Wednesday October the 21st after lessons until Wednesday January the 6th 2016 included

Winter holidays

From Friday February the 19th after lessons until Sunday March the 6th 2016

Spring holidays

From Friday April the 15th 2016 after lessons until Sunday May the 1st 2016

Bank holidays (apart from school holidays)

  • Tuesday December the 8th 2015

  • Friday March the 25th 2016

  • Monday March the 28th 2016

  • Thursday June the 2nd 2016

  • Friday June the 3rd 2016

End of school year       

Tuesday June the 28th 2016 after lessons

Half day pre-school start (primary school): Wednesday September the 16th and Wednesday October the 21st 2015.

Half day pre-school start (secondary school): Wednesday October the 21st and Saturday November the 28th 2015

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