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The Lycée Chateaubriand follows the classical French high school curriculum and offers a number of extra opportunities and educational choices, as described below and in the summary tables enclosed.

After collège, students can follow their scholarship in lycée.

General path includes three classes: Seconde (2nde), Première (1ère) and Terminale (Tle). It leads “bacheliers” (holders of Baccalauréat) toward long studies, and, in the Lycée Chateaubriand, is divided in three paths:

  • économique et sociale (E.S.) ;

  • littéraire (L) ;

  • scientifique (S).

Class of Seconde: a determination year

Teachings in 2nde include common subjects for everyone (80% of all teachings), “exploration” teachings, and optional teachings. Their goal is to prepare children to the choice of one of the three paths. It allows them to test their skills and tastes before choosing a thread.

You can find here a presentation about the class of Seconde:

You can also find enclosed a summary table of teachings in Seconde.

Première and Terminale: the final cycle

Students of general path 1ère and Tle follow common teachings, specializations and optional teachings.

The specializations proposed in Lycée Chateaubriand are, in Terminale (ES or S) or in Première and Terminale (L):

  • L section: Langue Vivante Approfondie or Mathématiques;

  • E.S. section: Mathématiques or Sciences Sociales et Politiques or Economie Approfondie;

  • S section: Mathématiques or Physique-Chimie or Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre.

For further information please consult the summary tables about options in Seconde and in the Terminal cycle, enclosed to this page.

After the year of Terminale, students take the Baccalauréat examinations, first diploma of french higher education.

You can also find enclosed a summary table of teachings in the terminal cycle (1ère and Terminale).

Senior High