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Bibliothèque Centre Documentaire

The B.C.D. welcomes pupils from primary school (last year of Nursery school to the 7th grade)

The ISOLA welcomes Average Sections

Each class is welcomed in half groups for roughly ¾ of an hour a week, so each pupil attends it one week out of two.

Pupils from 9th, 8th and 7th grades may attend it on their own during Tuesday and Wednesday breaks.

The library includes roughly 10.000 works ranging from:

  • documentaries;

  • albums;

  • books;

  • magazines: Youpi, Dlire, Mes 1ers J’aime Lire, Pomme d’Api, Astrapi, Images Doc, Wakou, Wapiti...

The Library also subscribes to four magazines:

  • Belle Histoire;

  • Wakou;

  • Wapiti;

  • Astrapi.