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Literary Award “Les Incorruptibles”

The associations “Les Incorruptibles” has been organising for 27 years the first Youth Literary prize awarded by young readers from maternelle to lycée.

For the second year in a row, the CDI of Strohl-Fern takes part in the initiative. This year every 6ème participate in the CM2/6ème category. Pupils from 5ème and 4ème can individually choose to participate in the 5ème/4ème category.

The goal of this prize is to encourage the desire to read for the youngest through incentives, a quality selection and recent publications.

To be an “Incorruptible”, students have to:

  • read the books which have been selected for them;

  • develop a personal opinion on every book;

  • vote for their favorite one.

Awards calendar

From December to May, students read at their own pace a selection of 6 to 7 books and fill their reading notebook as they go along. Punctually, various actions can be organised in class or in the CDI to help them form a personal opinion about their books.

Mid-May a final vote is organised through a formal ballot.

Early June, a top box is revealed and the winning books are proclaimed (both at school and national levels).

Parents and teachers can also participate individually. Every information on this website:

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