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Inter-grade academic projects

Young Ambassadors – Pleading at the Caen Memorial

Next Spring 2016, Lycee Chateaubriand will attend, for the second year, the Young Ambassadors Project.

Initiated by AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) and in collaboration with UNESCO, this project offers the French students abroad the on how to reinforce and maintain Peace in the World.

In Rome, many students manifested their interest and desire to represent Lycée Chateaubriand. Oral tests have been held last December and five students from Elementary and College grades have been selected to take part to the Southern Europe final planned next 9th of March in Barcelona. Our students will face teams from Spain, Portugal and Turkey. Here are the selected student who will represent Italy :

This contest is a terrific humanitarian adventure, and a special opportunity to practice the art of verbal debating, to meet and create exchanges with young people from all around the world, and to communicate to them in French, English and the mother tongue of the host country. A kind of happy Babel Tower, whose main topic in 2016 is "Cultural Diversity and Human Creativity ".

This year one of our students has been selected in Barcelona to enter a european teamin order to represent Southern Europe for the final round in UNESCO headquarters in Paris.


Academic Pilot Action (APP) eco-housing /sustainable living. This project proposes to develop a scientific and technical program to create relationships between different school grades spelling on sustainable development and dwelling. The students taking part in this program will have to create the ideal sustainable house with respect to environment. APP is available to Nursery, Elementary and College grade students and helps to develop creation and research skills. It aims to give teachers experimental and academic tools in chemical physics, Earth and Life Science and Technology and to create links between AEFE students through sustainable development.

Academic and educative goals:

  • transmitting passion for Science and Technologies
  • reinforcing relationships between students and teachers and developing the network between schools

  • showing that Technology, Chemical physics, Earth and Life Science are important in today’s society

  • allowing the students to use laboratory material

  • developing scientific knowledge and French language

  • enabling interactions between students of all ages

  • raising awareness about ecological solutions

  • developing creativity, initiatives and autonomy of the students

  • creating exchanges with local professional partners and experts.

French, my sweet French

Developing French language through innovative projects that mixes affective and technical approaches. Creating the desire to know how to use French language. Penetrating the emotional part of the language through sensitive techniques and fine arts.

Academic and Educative goals :

  • Going over the simple language used as such to create an identity, a way of behaving and relating to others;

  • Developing creative and playful activities around writing and reading;

  • Developing media skills around the oral and written production and comprehension;

  • Using the senses to penetrate the heart of the language, talk about oneself and one’s emotions.

Activities :

  • Colour Monuments (bilingual project around French and Italian)

  • Study of a Roman monument ( in Italian with an expert of History and Arts) linked to the French History program;

  • Colouring a black and white monument figure;

  • Inventing a story inside the monument based on the choice of one colour;

  • Creation of an alphabet book on “How to Better Live Together” for the contest organized by SNUipp-FSU, in partnership with BNF (French National Library), Education League, la Ville de Paris (Paris city), Actes Sud junior Editions and Café pédagogique;

  • "Emosons" Emosounds inspired from sounds of one’s emotions. Telling one’s story and feelings through sounds;

  • Inventing a story through sounds;

  • Creating and registering sounds around a famous story;

  • Miming a song and creating a video.

Sharing stories :

  • Creation of books bags to share reading stories ;

  • Telling stories and recordng (college/ Nursery/Elementary).

Productions :

  • Creation of a short movie ( la vie en rose mimed song);

  • Exhibitions ( story boxes, colour monuments);

Grades involved:

  • 1 PS

  • 4 MS

  • 3 GS

  • 2 CP

  • 3 Ce 1

  • 2 Ce 2

  • 2 Cm1

  • 2 Cm2

  • ALEF from CP to CM2 (about 80 students)

  • 4 Classes at College

  • some Elementary Italian classes

Opera project : Discovering Cinderella

Inter-cycles project gathering 25 classes regroupant 25 classes – from Nursery to 6ème “Dicovering Cinderella from Charles Perrault to Rossini”.

This project involves 670 students in collaboration with EUROPAINCANTO musical association.

Showtime in May at the Argentina Theatre of Rome.

Pedagogic Garden

Cultivating a vegetable garden requiring light care. The academic vegetable garden is located near the Grande Porte at Strohl-Fern and is maintained according to M. Fukuoka and Pierre Rabhi techniques. Their farming technique requires no machines, no chemicals and very little weeding. They do not plow the soil or use prepared compost and yet the condition of the soil in their orchards and fields improve each year. Their method creates no pollution and does not require fossil fuels. This method requires less labor than any other.

Goals of this project : teaching sustainable development notions to elementary grades and working together.

Chato Verde

The main goal of this day is to impulse an eco-citizenship spirit inside Chateaubriand. Raising the students’ awareness through one-short or long-term projects and activities linked to ecological issues (natural environment and human populations). Chato Verde project aims at developing the general awareness in acting differently for the good of our future, involving the decision-makers of tomorrow: our students.

Chateaubriand Orchestra: Mezzoforte

The orchestra meets two hours per week and welcomes beginners or experienced musicians who wish to share their passion for music.

Any musical instrument is welcome :

  • guitar

  • violin

  • alto

  • cello

  • flute

  • oboe

  • clarinet

  • trumpet

  • trombone

  • French horn

  • saxophone

  • piano.

History of Arts conference

The goal of this conference is to allow pupils of every age to talk about an art piece, from an imposed theme (since 2009: the monster, the object, the body, the portrait, the memory and since 2016 the landscape). Through small interventions, pupils present, criticize, interact with artistic works from any domain. Though principally oriented toward secondary grade pupils, pupils from any grade can participate.

Castor Contest

The Castor Contest aims to have youngsters dicover IT sciences. It covers various aspects: information and representation, algorythmic thinking, use of applications, data structuring, logic games, IT and society.

(CM2 - 6ème - 5ème - 4ème)