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Excellence scholarships "Major"

Every year, foreign students and young professionals are granted more than 20 000 scholarships for academic studies or for training courses by the French Government.

Two programs of Excellence scholarships, Eiffel and Major, have been created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These scholarships cover four areas :

  • Maintenance allowance to cover daily life expenses. It can be complemented by an additional housing benefit.

  • Travel allowance, including return expenses

  • Health Care coverage: students less than 28 years old are affiliated to the Student Social Security provided they have registered in an educational establishment having an agreement with the French Social Security. In all other cases the scholar health expenses can be taken care of by a Student Mutual benefit Insurance Company.

  • All expenses involved by the student’s project: professional training expenses, educational expenses,travelling expenses, printing or documentation expenses.

Besides, French government scholars are exempted from University registration fees.

« Excellence-Major » scholarships


« Excellence-Major » scholarships are granted only to non-French students having graduated from a Lycée Français and holders of the Baccalauréat diploma in view of attending an establishment of French Higher Education. Therefore students with French/other dual nationality can’t apply.

Students eligible for « Excellence-Major » scholarships will be nominated by the teaching team andpresentedby the headmaster.

Excellence is the main criterion for the selection of applications. It depends on the students’ academic results, on the quality of their career projects and on their motivation to go on with long and demanding studies in France.

The AEFE’s goal is the achievement ofthe students’ projects. As a consequence it is of utter importance that the teaching team and the headmaster be involved in the finalisation of their students’ projects. An ongoing dialogue with the students and their families about higher studies and about life in France is essential for the success of the project.

Considering the duration of the awards and in order to avoid dropping out in the first years, the AEFE pays particular attention to the quality of the students’ projects and to their potential of adaptability.

The « Excellence-Major » scholarship is allowed for 5 years maximum and doesn’t finance studies beyond  Master 2 or equivalent.

Eligibility criteria

To obtain an « Excellence-Major” scholarship a student must:

  • not have French Nationality

  • be in the final year (Terminale) in a French High School abroad ;

  • have excellent academic results

  • Submit an educational project within an establishment of French Higher Education (University, classe préparatoire, Sciences Po…)

  • wish to undertake long-cycle studies (Master 2 or equivalent) as soon as he gets the “baccalaureat” diploma;

  • submit their wishes in order of preference via the « Admission post-bac »application  or via procedures specific to some establishments;

  • Get acquainted with living conditions in France (cost of living, housing, culture and way of life,..).

Career and guidance